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Digital Marketing:

  • Google Ads
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Core SEO (organic Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing
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Google Ads (Paid Search)

Do you want to show up in search results today?  The best way to do that is setup Google Ads.  I can help you set things up properly, including writing compelling ads and setting up the right keywords for your business.

  • Are you new to Google Ads?
  • Have you setup your Google Ads, but not sure if they are working?  I can take a look to see if they were setup properly.
  • Do you have Google Ads, but you know they need to be completely re-setup?  I can help.
  • Do you want me to setup your Google Ads, but you want to manage them on your own?

If you meet any of these scenarios, let’s talk about your business and Google Ads.

WordPress Website Development

WordPress Website Development

Do you need a website for your business?  Or are you unhappy with your website?  WordPress is the most popular business platform for your website.  There’s a tool or plugin for anything you need.

  • Is your website out of date? Does it have old information or broken links? Do you need to add Success Stories or updated About you info?
  • Do you even have your website on your business card?
  • Do you wish you could edit your own website?
  • Do you want someone else to manage your website, so you can run your business?

Let’s talk about your business and getting a website you are happy with.

SEO - search engine optimization mindmap

Core SEO (Organic Search Engine Optimization)

Before you consider signing up with an SEO company that does Monthly SEO work, let’s look at your SEO strategy. SEO is more of a long term strategy (if you compare it to Google Ads, which are instant).

  • Do you have your Core SEO setup?
  • Have you submitted your Site Maps to Google Search and Bing Search?
  • Have you looked into Keywords that are right for your business?
  • Is a Blog right for your business? Do you have a blog strategy?

Let’s tackle your SEO setup together.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Has setting up automated Email Marketing been on your to-do list forever?  You might be sending some of the manually, but you really need a system and that system needs to be automated:

  • Welcome email – You can send this when a client purchases your product or service or when they signup for something on your website (newsletter, freebie, etc.).
  • Drip email sequences – They can be spaced apart by a day, a week, a month – the choice is yours. This is a great way to nurture people who are on the fence.
  • Capture feedback – Customers appreciate being heard and knowing their feedback matters. 

It’s time to setup your email marketing.